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Group Info

Group for all of you who are interested in demonology. Your oc's and also visions of 'existing' demons are welcome. Share with us your creations! The Hell is open...

This group is created for all of you who are interested in demonology. All informations about demons mentioned in Informations about folders which can be find in section Gallery along with Folders' Guideline are taken from Goetia and Theurgia. This is part of 'science' telling about demons, their seals and black magic in general.
So if you like/love demons and eveything connected with them, it's group for you!

:bulletblack:Join us!:bulletblack:
Just click 'join our group' icon above :)

:bulletblack:How to submit:bulletblack:
Go to Gallery section and then click '+' sign on the right side of appropriate to your submission category, then choose 'Submit a New Deviation' for deviation not existing on your gallery or 'Contribiute an existing deviation' for art already existing.

Detailed information about each category can be find just below and on Gallery section below folders

Please remember that it's group concentrated on demons, fallen angels and demonology in general not every 'dark things', thank you.
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 5, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

543 Members
561 Watchers
20,897 Pageviews
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Folders' Guideline

Hi. Here are some infos about how to properly put your works into each folders:

Section in the conjecture for arts which have 'this something' because of technique or idea so generally closed for free adding. So please do not put here your deviations

For all your diabolic characters

:bulletblack:Higher demons

Including vision of:
:bulletred:Lucifer, Mefistofeles, Adramelech, Azazel
Asmodeus, Bael, Balam, Belet, Belial, Paimon, Purson and Win, Zagan
Agares, Ajm, Alokes, Amdusjas, Astaroth, Barbatos, Bathin, Berit, Dantalion, Eligas, Fokalor, Gremory, Gusjon, Haures, Krocel, Murmur, Salos, Walefor, Wapula, Wepar, Wual, Zephar
Amon, Andras, Andrealfus, Feniks, Forneus, Kymeris, Leraie, Marchosjas, Noberius, Orial, Renowe, Sabnok, Samigin and Shaks
Orobas, Sier, Stolas, Wasaga
:bulletred:For Count group:
Andromalius, Bifrons, Fuerfur, Ipos, Malthus, Maraks, Raum
:bulletred:Leaders of demons:
Awnas, Botis, Buer, Foras, Gaap, Glasja, Hagenti, Kaimose, Malfas, Marbas, Sytri, Walak

:bulletblack:Fallen Angels
Can be 'real' fallen angels and also your OC's

Demons from books, films, animes...

Rest connected with demonology

Your literary works

Gallery Folders

demon worrior by kalmaJH
Demon Prince by Jan-Wes
Demon by NeoArtCorE
Patreon Bonus - Demon sword pencil lineart by muju
Higher demons
Baphomet Crucifix by Terat0gen
Asmodeus by Terat0gen
Duke Belial - Lesser Key of Solomon Seal kabbalah by TimforShade

Mature Content

Ishtar Ereshkigal Lilith statue by godofwarlover
Eternal damage by Spintherella
Fenris by The-skilled

Mature Content

PITS Reference by RogueSareth
Owen Ulrik by Spintherella
Fallen Angels
Azazel Using Magic Power by soradejong
Halloween Raven [closed] by Furrirama
Animal God by Alkaziner
sleep together by Candra
Temptation of Anung Un Rama by SaReeNavonShinnok
MIKE by AustenMengler

Mature Content

Regan by cyborgparanoia
dziady cz.2 by Sylwia25
foggy demon by Artezianin
unfinished( by Artezianin
maaan by Artezianin
T-shirt Mysteries from the past by Cephir-Art

Mature Content


Hello fellow members and contributors!

First of all I have to apologize for my long absence - rather unexpected - and I didn't think it all would go that way but well. I know that there probably were a lot of submissions that expired and I'm dearly sorry for that.

Unfortunately I don't really have time for the group (I barely have time for life) so If there's anyone who knows basics of demonology and want to be an admin and co-admin and who knows that WILL take care of the group, please note me. I don't want this group to die even thoug there were a lot of times when I couldn't take a proper care of it. I love all the contributions along as you personal ideas for demonic creatures, so maybe we could this continue.
Probably when I have more free time (currently dealing with life and the last year of my Master studies) I could pop in from time to time and make some accepts.
For now though, I can't see such a possibility. I won't be interferring in your actions and which arts you decide to accept or not, I can only ask you to keep some basic order like which art to put in which folder ;)
Waiting to hear from you and once again - I'm really sory and hope you could forgive me at some point.

-Cheers, Hunt

:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletred: FAQ Thread :bulletblack::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletred:
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black-cat16 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Why did my deviations expire and when will you fix it? Just asking.
Cephir-Art Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015   Traditional Artist
thank you for accepting my illustration "Ritual" :-)

Have a nice day

Vattghern Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you for contributing :) And sorry for possible future delays with submission acceptance
Cephir-Art Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015   Traditional Artist
No problem ^^
nolongerhere-solong Featured By Owner Edited Apr 10, 2015
Have my art about Sitri, Zepar, and Ashmedai been rejected or did no one accept nor reject any submitted picture atm? Because if they have been rejected, then I don't know why did they get rejected, because they obviously didn't break any rules regarding picture contribution. And if something feels strange about my pictures, just read the descriptions in the pictures and you'll see that why exactly are some spirits drawn or photoshopped a certain way in my art. As in why Zepar appears as the Tim Burton's knave of hearts in the picture of him (Zepar) for example.
Vattghern Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Student General Artist
Hello there,
First of all I'm truly sorry for the lower level of my activity in this group, but apparently my friend and co-founder is not looking at requests in the group anymore so I'm quite alone. Lately I had a lot of things I had to take care of including studies so I couldn't take a look at DA (and to avoid wrond idea the group was left alone I will write a journal soon). Today I finally had some free time to loot at arts and to be honest I didn't see any of yours so instead of asking you to submit it again I'll just put them in the gallery :) It's true that older arts expires but I always send requests to artists to put them in our gallery. Hope to have some more time to take care of submissions properly in next months. Again, sorry for the wait, there's nothing wrong with your folder selection
karichristensen Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional
Thanks for featuring my Night Demon. Cool group idea!
Vattghern Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Our great pleasure! Your arts are really amazing :)
karichristensen Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional
Thank you!
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